June 27, 2022

I’m often asked: is it best to buy fresh or frozen vegetables and where is the best place to get vegetables? This week I am going to share why I think farmer’s markets are the best place to shop.

Farmer’s Markets are beneficial for so many reasons. These are my top 10.

1. Farmer’s markets are not only for fruits and vegetables; other locally made items are available for example honey or fresh baked goods.  These items have fewer preservatives and are freshly prepared.  

2 .Fruits and veggies are usually picked that same morning so they are at the peak of ripeness.  They taste better and have more nutrients

3. Many times you have the opportunity to talk with the farmer. Not only do you learn about the growing process, but you can also get recipe tips. 

4. You can try new things. Small farmers grow different varietals that you will not see in the supermarket.  For example, this week at the market I bought garlic scapes.  Garlic scapes are the shoots of the young garlic before it matures.  

5. It is a great way to connect with your community.  You may meet new people and learn of other events happening locally.  Also, many times there is entertainment. 

6. You are supporting the local economy and small farms.

7. Small farms use more sustainable farming practices.  This results in fewer pesticides and less commercial fertilizers. Commercial fertilizers contaminate our waterways resulting in algae blooms.

8. Less packaging.  You can bring your own bags and most small farms use cardboard or no packaging at all for their produce.  

9. Sometimes you can sample before you buy.

10. The food tends to be more nutritious.  Factory farms tend to grow a single crop resulting in soil that is stripped of nutrients.  Small farms tend to grow a variety of crops.  This diversity results in more nutrient rich foods.  Small and medium farms actually produce more than half of the food and nutrients that are important in our diet.

How do you find your local farmer’s market?  Local harvest (localharvest.org) is a great resource.  Not only does it list local markets, but it also lists local farms that have CSAs.

CSA is community supported agriculture which means you can support a local farm by subscribing.  Your subscription provides a box of mixed produce every week. During the growing season you are receiving the freshest produce.  You are supporting a local farm and you are getting nutritious food.

Other options for fresh veggies, if you do not have a farmer’s market close by, are produce boxes.  One example is misfits market. 

I went to Bennington Farmer’s Market this weekend.  I learned about garlic scapes and got suggestions on how to prepare them.  I also got radishes, young broccoli, eggplant, sugar snap peas and cucumbers.  Everything tasted so fresh and sweet.  I ate half of the sugar snap peas on the way home.  

I blended the garlic scapes with olive oil and used them for my dinner last night.

Italian crusted tofu

Salad with garlic scape dressing

Roasted potatoes with garlic scapes, basil and oregano

Baby broccoli with radish greens sautéed with garlic scapes

Roasted potatoes with garlic scapes, basil, and oregano

Baby broccoli with radish greens sautéed with garlic scapes



I am a pediatric intensive care physician and lifestyle medicine specialist.

As an intensive care physician I was seeing younger and younger patients with adult type diseases. Hypertension, type 2 diabetes and obesity were becoming more common and my patients were suffering sequelae as a result. Many times the entire family was suffering.

I realized that things had to change. I realized that in order to help my patients, I would have to help the entire family. Empowering individuals and families to take control of their health through lifestyle change is my passion.